What came first - the chicken or the egg?

August 19, 2020

What came first - the chicken or the egg?  Well, in our case, it was demand from our meat customers for fresh eggs.  Here is how the story played out.  Several customers inquired about whether we had eggs for sale and the following is the conversation between my wonderful husband (Andy) and myself...

Me: Do you think we should get some chickens?

Andy: Yes - that's a good idea.

Next day...

Andy: I ordered some laying hens.

Me thinking: Oh good - wonder how many - maybe 20?

Me: How many did you get?

Andy: 100

Me: What?  That's like 100 eggs a day, 600ish eggs a week?? Who is going to process all those eggs?

So - after some renovations to our 100 year old hen house - we now have 100 happy hens!  The hens are red and they produce brown eggs. 

On the way home after picking them up, our little helpers came up with 100 names - Sunny, JC, Roxy, Lola, Mini, Zinnia and Daisy  were just a few.

Our price for one dozen fresh eggs is $5.00 but if you bring your own container to pick them up - you get a 50 cent discount...

Lisa McNiven

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