Spring on the Farm

April 19, 2021

Isn't it amazing how nature works? Everything in sync and working together to sustain life. Here on the farm, the maple syrup season is complete just in time for spring babies to start making their appearance. The grass is growing and is super rich which helps the mama cows start producing lots of milk, the days are warmer and longer so that the newborn calves can grow and thrive and the spring flowers are starting to bloom which will help the hungry bees as they wake from their long winter nap.

As I reflect on the beauty of spring, I can't help but think of how lucky we are to live in Oro-Medonte, with it's rolling hills, miles of forest and beautiful lakes. I know that we are all concerned about the "third wave" and we have a right to be, but I have found that attitude is really a predicter of how life goes for me. I can't change the pandemic but I can change my thoughts about it. Some times being calm, finding joy in spring and loving those around me is hard - but it is equally hard being scared, anxious or angry. The amazing thing is that I get to choose my "hard" and I choose calm, joy and love.

What do you choose?


Lisa McNiven


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