Rhubarb and Spring

May 26, 2020

Rhubarb has always been a spring staple here at McNiven farms.  It is one of the first things to pop through the soil and let us know that spring has arrived.  From stewed rhubarb, to cake and pies, nothing says spring like rhubarb.  I am not sure if it is a rural thing, but I have many memories of the sweet, tangy taste of stewed rhubarb from Grandma's house!  We seem to have numerous patches of it all around the farm.  It must have been a staple for the farming homesteads - most likely because it is one of the first fruits to arrive in the spring and is versatile for everything from jams and desserts, to sauces and refreshments.

I have posted two great new recipes, using rhubarb.  One is a family recipe for rhubarb cake - this is a super moist cake that goes great with coffee.  The second is Andy's new favorite drink after a long hot day in the field - rhubarb lemonade.  

The photo is of some of our tulips - the heat really advanced their maturity and they went from bud to bloom in hours rather than days - better luck next year!

Lisa McNiven

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