Meet our Summer Staff

August 5, 2020

Hi Friends, 

We want to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves, we are Graeme and Kendra, McNiven Farms' summer employees.  We have been working here at McNiven Farms since the beginning of July.  Thus far, our summer has been filled with lots of new learning opportunities, from plant identification to agricultural skills, such as caring for Buttercup and Pebbles (the farm's runner ducks), operating equipment and eradicating weeds.  

Cutting Asparagus Fern

Our typical day starts at 7 am, cutting flowers to make fresh bouquets.  Then we spend time on maintaining the gardens and property, like picking fresh vegetables (beans, peas, zucchini, green peppers, etc.), weeding and grass cutting.  Once the summer sun is out for the day, we generally complete various tasks, such as sap line maintenance and creating new gardens.  

Cutting Phlox

We have also been creating fresh cut bouquets, which have been a fun and enjoyable experience.  You can find our beautiful bouquets at Ego's Garden Center.

One of the awesome perks of our summer job is getting to sample McNiven Farms meat products on Fridays at our employee lunches.  Graeme loves the bacon and Kendra loves the honey garlic sausages.  We are looking forward to trying their Rib-eye and Tenderloin steaks!

We also have had the opportunity to see and learn about all different kinds of wildlife.  For example we have seen coyotes, wild turkeys, hawks and much more.

Lastly, we totally recommend that you give their products a try, because from experience, we know you will not be disappointed!

Graeme and Kendra

Lisa McNiven

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