Falling into Routine

October 1, 2020

Are you missing fall?  I sure am.  We still have the fall colors, the fall smell, the cooler weather and the geese over head but the one thing that we are really missing is our normal routine.

For us, our youngest is home from school and we are way out of our routine.  Josey has been glued to a computer for 5 hours each day, while she learns in the new school environment.  This has really thrown my routine for a loop...do I stay in to help her or just head out and do my farming thing?  Somehow it seems wrong to leave her in the house while I enjoy the gorgeous fall weather.  But if I stay in - what can I do?  Vacuuming is out, along with anything that makes much noise...

So I have come to a happy medium - while the weather is nice, Josey goes mobile on my phone - in the garden, the chicken coop or the corn field.  When it rains, we are in the house and I am doing all the things that I don't usually find the time to do - "fall cleaning", book work and trying new recipes.

Speaking of recipes, as you know, we have 100 hens who are laying 100 eggs every day.  So we have lots of eggs...check out this new recipe that I discovered for Home-Made Chocolate Pudding - delicious and it uses four eggs - only 96 more to go!

Josey is adjusting to the new normal by taking long walks, playing with her pets (and occasionally her sisters), finding new projects (like a tree house) and keeping her growth mindset.  

There is a Chinese proverb that says "Don't fear change but instead fear standing still".  This is going to be my mantra as we find more ways to adjust our routines to this new normal!

Lisa McNiven

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