Christmas is only 30 days Away!

November 24, 2020

Are you dreading Christmas this year with all the possible restrictions?  

Just the thought of not being able to spend Christmas with all our family and friends really had me stressed.  Then, my youngest reminded me that we need to look on the bright side!  So we started coming up with ideas for changes that we can implement to make this Christmas the best one yet! (I love how kids can turn our previous lessons to them - around on us!)

So - here is what we came up with...

  • An igloo Christmas (Josey's pick, but maybe tough to pull off if it doesn't snow!);
  • Christmas Week instead of just the day...stockings every day (smaller ones) and special daily activities;
  • A Christmas Bonfire;
  • Homemade Christmas presents;
  • Old Fashion Christmas - with cranberry and popcorn garlands, paper snow flakes, homemade hot chocolate, a big feast, and lots of greenery;
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies for the entire day (after chores of course);
  • Have a Christmas tree in every room;
  • Spend the day doing winter sports - tobogganing being our main go to;
  • Support our local merchants for Christmas gifts - like a gift card from Egos Garden Centre, chocolates from Chelsea Chocolates, home d├ęcor from Dwellings, or a beautiful new piece of furniture from Strongman Custom Woodworking; and
  • Phone Caroling - pick a family member that you are not spending Christmas with, give them a call and sing a Christmas carol for them (you might want to practice this one first!).

Now the thought of Christmas 2020 isn't so stressful and in fact I am excited about  all the possibilities....Even just the brainstorming process was fun!  Hopefully this "looking on the bright side" can bring back some Christmas excitement for you too!

P.S. If you have any other local shopping ideas - please leave us a comment below.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Lisa McNiven

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